About Blog/Its Estranged Author

The inane political ramblings of a winged man-child creature who considers himself to be of “the left” but frequently finds himself virulently hating other “fellow” lefties.

Is aware that all journalism or political writings will have some inherent bias behind them so believes that it is correct to be upfront and say that this blog, these words which penetrate your gaze are from the undergrowths, the dark recesses of the mind and heart of someone who has certain opinions – in other words, this blog is deeply biased.

Want to know which way the bias flings? Well…take a look at this and you might have a certain idea:

This blog is written by an extremist

This blog is written by an extremist

Is a fan of Christopher Hitchens, Douglas Murray and Owen Jones, and at some stage has endured (and indeed recovered) from having bizarre crushes on such people. Is also incredibly aware that holding romantic and sexual constructs about political pundits isn’t just ethically disgraceful, but should also be discouraged and made a criminal offence.


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